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Tarot Reading

Immersed in the world of parapsychology from a young age, my journey began through my parents' involvement in a psychic fair in France. I started playing with cards at just 7 years old, a hidden confession, secretly opening card decks to explore their images in a pre-internet era. Over the years, I wandered through the fair's aisles, learning Tarot, Oracle, and astrology from the best professionals.


Predictions came true: I would become an artist and fortune teller.


Reconnecting with my inner child at 30, I rediscovered my first loves: visual arts, especially painting, and divination. Tarot became my precious tool to reconnect with intuition, aid decision-making, and heal. Most importantly, it unblocked my creativity, leading to a cascade of epiphanies, finally allowing me to live the life I had always dreamed of.

Gain Clarity on the Mysteries of Your Life's Journey.


Are you ready to unravel the secrets of your life's journey and gain profound guidance into your now and future?

I've intimately known the depths of uncertainty and the anguish of making life-defining choices.

Tarot has been my solace in those moments of pain and confusion.

In this one-hour reading, we'll plunge into the very core of your being. We'll navigate the next six months, delving into self-transformation, love, career, projects, and the burning questions that keep you up at night. This is a profound, intimate exploration, a lifeline in your most painful moments.

Imagine sitting across from a deck of cards, each holding a piece of your destiny. Allow the cards to illuminate your path, unveiling the hidden threads that weave your unique story. 


Here's an offer you won't want to pass up: Enjoy a delightful 20% discount.

Book your «Deep Revelation» reading now and let the cards reveal the intricate tapestry of your life's journey.

1 hour Reading: 95$US


Haidar, Switzerland


The precision of the words and images that came to me through the reading was astonishingly clear and accurate.


I felt lost regarding important decision-making and needed illumination to explore the various options available to me. I was also simply very curious to see what kind of experience I could have with a tarot reading.


I finally gained perspective on my situation and understood what was truly happening in my life. This moment was a true turning point in my existence because I could then concretely apply the insights that were illuminated during the tarot reading.


Predictions regarding the evolution of my business and the energy I needed to invest in it turned out to be accurate.


Without hesitation. She is the best in her field. I have never experienced anything equivalent before this. I recommend her with closed eyes. Her clairvoyance is extraordinary.


Vaida, Lithuania


It encouraged me to step into areas I thought i wasn't good enough for, and for that, i'm immensely grateful.

Victoria's tarot card reading was an enlightening experience. The message the Universe delivered through her was undeniably powerful, and her adept explanations made it all crystal clear.


This reading provided much-needed clarity on the challenges I was grappling with, and it was incredibly motivating. Victoria's guidance is transformative and highly recommended for anyone seeking insight and motivation.


Benoit, France


I appreciate how the reading sparks my reactions, offering an interaction that provides a reflection of my state of being, possibly even tapping into unconscious elements.


Being a rational individual, I've never held any particular beliefs regarding tarot. Yet, there's something about it that has always captivated my imagination and sense of wonder. It aids in introspection, promoting a creative and occasionally unconventional approach to situations.

Victoria played a pivotal role in the experience. Her empathy added a unique dimension to the reading, turning it into more than just an exercise in intuition. Through the reading, I was reminded that there are multiple paths available to me. It expanded my horizons, and stirred my creativity in the most challenging ways, pulling me out of my comfort zone. It also provided answers that I had within me but was hesitant to acknowledge.


The reading acted as a mirror, reflecting the possibilities and paths I could take. It gave voice to inner thoughts and feelings that I hadn't fully recognized or accepted. This clarity was instrumental in influencing my future decisions.


The depth of her empathy combined with the tarot reading gave me a truly enriching experience, and I believe others would benefit from her insights just as much.

Gain Clarity on the Mysteries of Your Life's Journey.


Here's an offer you won't want to pass up: Enjoy a delightful 20% discount.

Book your «Deep Revelation» reading now and let the cards reveal the intricate tapestry of your life's journey.

1 hour Reading: 95$US

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