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Original Artwork

The Energetic Talisman


Victoria's transformation of prayer carpets into bohemian wall hangings is a bold statement. These prayer carpets, once exclusively confined to sacred spaces, have now transcended boundaries and found their place adorning the walls of homes, serving as Talismans for Freedom and self-expression. Victoria's innovative approach reinvents the concept of sacred space, inviting individuals to contemplate these vibrant tapestries as tools for visualization and meditation, aiding in prayer and manifestation.


As these transformed carpets find their new home on the walls, they radiate a powerful energy, infusing the room with their profound artistry. Each piece becomes a visual narrative of defiance and liberation, inviting viewers to question societal norms and embrace the inherent strength of the feminine. 

Victoria's prayer carpet masterpieces bridge the gap between centuries-old traditions and contemporary feminism, presenting a unique and profound perspective on the enduring spirit of womanhood.


Victoria's art, like Aladdin's magic carpet, encourages all to dream, rise above limitations, and break free from the oppressive bonds of patriarchy, all while embracing the powerful spiritual energies that each carpet embodies.

At the heart of this captivating tapestry, the mandala positioned over the throat or lips emerges as a profound symbol, serving as a conduit for the soul's voice. It beckons us to embrace our true selves, channeling our inner strength and authenticity. In this intricate interplay of elements, Victoria Mateo's art invites us to explore the depths of our souls, express our inherent wisdom, and embrace the transformative power of our own voices.

Intriguingly, each carpet in Victoria's collection corresponds to a specific Tarot card, infusing them with deep and universal significance. These carpets become conduits through which individuals can connect with the potent energy of these archetypal messages. Much like the Tarot itself, Victoria's art offers a unique pathway for self-reflection, growth, and empowerment.



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