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Healing Companion

The whisper of your soul

Victoria Mateo painting your future commissions

The creative arts possess a potent capacity for healing. When working on commissioned pieces, I'm honored to help my clients on their path to personal growth by creating one-of-a-kind, iconic portraits that incorporate their family or individual jewelry. To craft a poetic meditation that speaks to their unique journey, I may draw inspiration from Astrology, Human Design, or even channel messages from the universe.


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"When I first encountered Victoria's works, my breath was taken away! I thought, "Wow! Where is this woman? I want to meet her right away!"
Her tapestries, which adorned the walls, were simply incredible, and I felt surrounded by the souls of all these women... All these parts, these facets of all of us, were present around me. Our wounds, our strengths, our challenges, our joys, our sorrows, our prides, our struggles... In short, a healing energy emanated from everywhere. A desire to bring together, a sisterhood, unconditional love and much more. It was "Healing Art". I immediately wanted one of the tapestries, but it was already taken! I was almost disappointed to have arrived too late, but it turned out to be the most beautiful gift. Because Victoria created "My Tapestry," it would be too long to tell you the incredible adventure in a few lines. But what I can tell you is that when she took my hand to lead me, eyes closed, in front of it! When I opened them, I collapsed in tears... The connection with it was so incredible, and what Victoria had managed to convey was just crazy... Visually, energetically, and even simultaneously, I had the meditation associated with it, which she channeled from the sky into my ears... You can imagine the incredible experience... Her/My Tapestry is above my bed, and every morning, when I catch a glimpse of Her/My gaze, it gives me the strength to move forward, question myself, be proud of myself, and above all, never give up... I will never thank you enough for this, Victoria, and I am honored to have been able to cross your path. I invite you, if these words touch you, to connect with Victoria, so that she can convey Her/Your inner magic, to reveal you and illuminate the world with all your lights."

Aurélie, Holistic Healer

Artwork for a happy customer
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