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About the Artist

The love spreader

Have you ever wondered if the divinatory art could guide your creative journey?


I am Victoria Mateo, a creator inviting you to dive into the enchanting fusion of art and Tarot, where your destiny and your canvas become one.


As "The Love Spreader," my work is a hymn to feminine sensuality, a longing for freedom, and the manifestation of the transcendental powers we all harbor within.

From a tender age, I waged war against discrimination in all its forms. My journey led me from the stages of musicals and cabarets in France to becoming a Chanel makeup artist in Canada. I waltzed through the world of fashion and music videos, shared my passion in a makeup academy, and helmed the beauty department of North America's largest semi-nude artistic photography company.


Now, my burning desire to explore the world has brought me to Bali, where I use painting to share my personal odyssey as a highly sensitive woman, passionately dedicated to growth and self-discovery.


I invite you to be part of this transformation. Discover my unique artworks that give voice to women through tenderness and strength. Each painting is an intimate rendezvous between a suppressed girl, eager to touch the stars on her magic carpet, and a resilient bohemian woman who has learned to read them.


Have you ever imagined soaring on a magic carpet, losing yourself in life's whirlwind, transcending your fears and limitations, and gazing upon the universe with unbounded eyes?


A new world of artistic discovery and self-exploration awaits you. Explore Victoria Mateo's art and uncover how her blend of art and Tarot can unleash your true essence.


Don't delay in embarking on this exhilarating journey to authenticity. Transform your life through the art and Tarot of Victoria Mateo!

Victoria's Artistry Shines in International Spotlight! Read All About It in 365Art+ Magazine's Case 45 - Japanese Art Edition. Read More Here


The World Talking about  Her

International Gallery Exhibitions & Media Coverage

365Art+ Magazine

Case 45 - Japanese

Art Magazine

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Women United Art Magazine

Issue 3 - American

Art Magazine

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Online Design &

Art Platform

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