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Chakras Records Collection


The Chakras Records Notebook Collection is a set of seven specially designed notebooks, each offering 150 blank pages for your personal use. These notebooks are conveniently sized at 6x9 inches and feature hard and glossy covers for durability.


What makes these notebooks unique is their purpose: they are crafted to provide a practical and insightful way to connect with each of your chakras. Whether you are a dedicated yogi, a reiki practitioner, a passionate spiritual seeker, a Kundalini facilitator, or a life and spiritual coach, these notebooks serve as versatile tools to enhance your spiritual journey.


Within the pages of each notebook, you can jot down your thoughts, sensations, feelings, or insights related to the specific chakra it represents. Whether you're recording your daily meditations, documenting your exercises, or simply expressing your experiences, these notebooks are your dedicated companions for deepening your understanding of the chakras and fostering your spiritual growth.


Enlightenment - Spirituality - Connection

Connect with your spiritual self and higher consciousness. Document your spiritual experiences, moments of transcendence, and connection to the universe. Reflect on your understanding of purpose and oneness. Set intentions for spiritual growth and connection to the divine.


Intention: "I am one with the universe, embracing divine wisdom and enlightenment."


Intuition - Insight - Awareness

Explore your intuition and inner wisdom. Write about your intuitive insights, dreams, and inner knowing. Reflect on your ability to trust your inner guidance. Set intentions for enhancing your intuition and inner clarity.


Intention: "I trust my inner guidance, allowing my intuition to illuminate my path."


Communication - Expression - Authenticity

Focus on self-expression and communication. Document your thoughts, ideas, and how you express yourself. Reflect on moments of clear communication and any challenges you've faced in speaking your truth. Set intentions for authentic and honest communication.


Intention: "I speak my truth with compassion and clarity, fostering open communication."


Love - Compassion - Harmony

Center yourself around love and compassion. Write about your experiences of love, both giving and receiving. Examine moments of forgiveness and gratitude. Set intentions for nurturing loving relationships and cultivating a compassionate heart.


Intention: "I love and nurture myself deeply, allowing me to love others authentically."


Confidence - Personal Power - Self-Esteem

Dive into your self-esteem and personal power. Document moments of self-confidence and instances where you may have felt a lack of control. Reflect on your ambitions and assertiveness. Set intentions for boosting self-esteem and asserting your personal power.


Intention: "I radiate confidence, embracing my personal power and purpose."


Creativity - Sensuality - Emotions

Focus on your creative energy and emotions. Record your desires, passions, and emotions you're experiencing. Explore your relationships, sensuality, and personal boundaries.

Set intentions for embracing pleasure, creativity, and healthy emotional expression


Intention: "I embrace my creativity, igniting my passions and desires."


Stability - Security - Grounding

Begin by grounding yourself. Write down your feelings of security, stability, and any concerns about your basic needs. Explore your family roots and your connection to the Earth. Set intentions for enhancing your sense of safety and trust.


Intention: "I am grounded, rooted in my strength, and I trust my journey."

Remember that these notebooks are a tool for self-discovery and alignment with your chakras. Feel free to use it as a journal, record your meditations, or simply jot down thoughts related to each chakra. It's a personal journey of exploration and balance.

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